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Advanced wireless security keypads that connect with our remote security and home automation. 

IP Cameras

Add “eyes” to your security system with camera recordings of activity around your home at all times. 

Doorbell Cameras

Palmetto Alarm, LLC Skybell South Caroli

Lost a package or missed a delivery?  A doorbell camera allows a live video interaction through your smart phone and keeps track of what happens at your front door.


Smart thermostats can be controlled both locally and remotely to help you conserve energy and lower your power bill.

Door Locks

Never get locked out of the house again. Our smart locks allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely, and arm/disarm your system at the same time.

Kwikset SmartCode 888 Satin Nickel Front

Garage Door Control

Palmetto Alarm Chamberlain MyQ Garage Do

Remotely close the garage door or have it automated when you arm your system. Even have it send you a reminder when not closed by a certain time.

Lamps & Appliances

How much energy do you waste when you're gone? Use our appliance management to control lighting and household appliances.

Lighting Control

Create light schedules and automatic event-triggered lighting rules designed to fit your routine.

Wireless Sensors

There's a wide variety of detectors and sensors to help protect the overall security and wellness of your home. 

Panic Button

One click of the pendant's button alerts our Alarm Response Center that you need medical assistance.

Keychain Remotes

The keychain remote lets you engage your system at home without being in front of your alarm panel.

Fire & Heat Detectors

Fire and heat detectors gauge dangerous levels of smoke and heat in your home, even when your alarm is disarmed. 

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