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Smart Security and Automation

Do more than just protect your home, add smart devices to automate everyday activities. Save on energy costs by setting schedules, and manage a busy household or business with customizable systems. 

Automated Entries 

Perfect for busy families!

remote lighting controls
keypad doorlocks residential security

Adding smart devices to your entryways can save you time and a whole lot of hassle. Never be worried that you left the house or garage open again, with text reminders and automations your system will assure that your home is safe. Securing your entryways provides extra protection and added piece of mind.  

Palmetto Alarm lift master compatible gefencing entry
remote garage door access with easy to use app


Turn off your front porch lights from your phone!

Avoid those unnecessary electricity costs when you accidentally leave a light on with automated switches and lightbulbs. Control your lighting remotely to avoid unnecessary worry or an extra trip just to turn lights  off. All of these convivences are an added bonus to the safety and security your system already provides.

remote temperature control


Set Energy and Lighting Schedules 

Save on energy costs and run your home as efficiently as possible. Set your thermostats and lights to your schedule, so you never  worry about changing or adjusting them when you are on the go. All of the adjustments are in one easy to use app, but if you need any help setting up the customizable schedules our office is here to help as well!

touchscreen thermostat remote control access
humidity reading
Carl and I are very pleased with the system and the customer service!! Thank you- Ken Dutko for helping us feel safe!

Karen Schumpert

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